Cut & Render


We will be providing you the raw material of all captures, however you can also ask us to provide a decent cut video with matching audio (music themes) and sound effects. Our post processing also includes color grading and color correction. These two are integral components of the comprehensive video editing service, ensuring both technical precision and creative enhancement in the final visual presentation.

Color Correction: Involves adjusting the overall color balance, exposure, and contrast to fix any irregularities or discrepancies in a video's color. It aims to restore accurate and natural colors, ensuring consistency and eliminating any technical issues in the footage.

Color Grading: Goes beyond correction, focusing on creative adjustments to enhance the visual aesthetics, mood, and style of a video through selective color manipulation. It aims to establish a specific visual tone or atmosphere, allowing for artistic expression and narrative emphasis.

The example shows the difference between a raw video (recorded with flat color settings) and a processed video.

Color-corrected and color-graded video
Original video with a flat color profile

Video cut, color correction and color grading are part of our service and standard processes.